Icona Pop "Emergency" (ft. Erik Hassle)

Icona Pop 'Emergency' (ft. Erik Hassle)
Swedish pop duo Icona Pop have yet to announce a sophomore follow-up to their 2013 debut, This Is...Icona Pop, but they'll have a new single for sale tomorrow (May 26) on iTunes. No need to panic: the pair are also streaming the shuffled electro-pop sounds of their "Emergency" single online right now.

The pop track comes packaged with a galloping piano line, high-gloss production touches, four-on-the-floor beats, and saucy, jazz club trumpeting. It's a weird hybrid akin to streaming a pounding house track through the PA at the Cotton Club. Landing just as sweaty are the outfit and guest vocalist Erik Hassle's lines about turning it up at the party.

Feel like putting a little twist in your hips, as Icona Pop puts it? Then give the song a stream down below.