Hypnodrone Ensemble "Euclidian" (alternate take)

Hypnodrone Ensemble 'Euclidian' (alternate take)
Aidan Baker just unveiled a new two-part album called Half Lives earlier this month, but the prolific Toronto-based music maker is already set to follow it up with an LP from his new project Hypnodrone Ensemble. Entitled The Shape of Space, the new LP arrives on May 8 via Calostro Recordings (with a CD release to follow on June 8 via Little Cracked Rabbit), but you can hear an alternate take of "Euclidian" right now.
Hypnodrone Ensemble consists of Baker and frequent collaborator Eric Quach (a.k.a. Thisquietarmy), who recruited three drummers (David Dunnett, Jérémie Mortier and Felipe Salazar) for a performance in Berlin back in May 2014. The result was "a freeform, semi-improvisational study in rhythmic, psychedelic, atmospheric spacerock," and it was documented as a CD release.
A second performance, with the addition of bassist Gareth Sweeney, took place in September and the group of musicians recorded a follow-up to the live debut. This session formed the foundation of The Shape of Space, after sorting through hours worth of recordings and some heavy editing. It was mastered by James Plotkin, and is now set for vinyl and CD release.
Consisting of two pieces, "Elliptical"/"Hyperbolic" and "Euclidian"/"Dodecahedral" — both more than 20 minutes in length — the album is a meticulously crafted work of rhythmic, ambient and experimental music.
Until the record officially arrives next month, listen to an alternate take of "Euclidian" in the player below.