Hyperdub Reveals Third 10 Year Anniversary Compilation

Hyperdub Reveals Third 10 Year Anniversary Compilation
Highly influential electronic label Hyperdub turned 10 this year. It has already started a compilation series to celebrate, and now it's returned with another collection of tracks.

Hyperdub 10.3, the third compilation in the label's series of retrospective releases, looks out for the "melancholy vapor trail" of its more experimental and ambient artists. A press release explains that the songs were "reduced to a gaseous remainder free of drums and often basslines, leaving only synthesised, sampled, or looped textures that often hang like a cloud of gas, or rotate without friction like mini cyclones."

This includes input from Burial, Dean Blunt, Inga Copeland, the Bug, King Midas Sound, Ikonika, Darkstar, Laurel Halo, Jeremy Greenspan and others.

10.3 will be available on September 22. Check out the tracklisting below.

In addition, the label is also gearing up for a North American tour this September. The dates are also available below.

Hyperdub 10.3:

1. Burial "In McDonalds"
2. Dean Blunt "Urban"
3. Kode9 & the Spaceape "Hole In The Sky"
4. Inga Copeland "I Am Your Ambient Wife"
5. Kode9 "Pink Sham Pain Down The Drain"
6. Laurel Halo "Melt"
7. The Bug "Siren"
8. Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland "Untitled 13"
9. Walton "City of God"
10. King Midas Sound "Blue"
11. Lee Gamble "DSM"
12. Cooly G "Mind"
13. Burial "Night Bus"
14. Ikonika "Completion V.3"
15. Darkstar "Ostkreuz"
16. Fhloston Paradigm "Liloos Seduction"
17. Ikonika – Time/Speed"
18. DJ Earl "Hexgonic Sound"
19. Cooly G "Trying"
20. Laurel Halo "Wow"
21. Fatima Al Qadiri "Shanxi"
22. DVA "Reach the Devil"
23. Jeremy Greenspan feat Borys "Gage"

Tour dates:

09/09 East Troy, NY "EMPAC %

09/10 Calgary, Alberta "Hi Fi Club *%

09/12 Montreal, Quebec "Le Belmont *#%

09/13 Hamilton, Ontario "Supercrawl *#^%

09/16 Raleigh, NC "Kings *#$%

09/17 Washington, DC "U Street Music Hall *#$%

09/18 New York, NY "Verboten *#^$+%

09/19 Chicago, IL "Primary *#$%

09/20 Vancouver, British Columbia "New Forms Festival *~

09/20 Oberlin, OH "The Sco #$%

09/21 Austin, TX "Empire Control Room *#%

09/24 San Francisco, CA "Mighty *#$%

09/25 Los Angeles, CA "Los Globos *#$%

09/26 Vancouver, British Columbia "Fox Theatre #$%

09/27 Seattle, WA "Decibel Festival *#$%

09/28 New Orleans, LA "Dragon's Den %

% with Kode9

* with Scratcha DVA

# with DJ Spinn

^ with Ikonika

$ with Taso

+ with Mala

~ with DJ Earl