Hunx and His Punx Detail Hardly Art Debut

Hunx and His Punx Detail Hardly Art Debut
The last we heard from queer-friendly bubblegum punk group Hunx and His Punx, they had signed with Seattle-based imprint Hardly Art and were preparing their debut album. Now, they've revealed that the record is called Too Young To Be in Love and have set a date for its release.

 According to a press release, the ten-track album was recorded in New York City with Ivan Julian, best known as a founding member of Richard Hell and the Voidoids. It marks the first time that frontman Seth "Hunx" Bogart is performing with a full, all-girl backing band, including Shannon and the Clams frontwoman Shannon Shaw, who wrote three of the album's songs.

 In summation, a press release explains that "Hunx and His Punx might be the first ever 'girl group' fronted by a flamboyant gay male whose dream in life is to sound like a girl. They have created a unique new sound they refer to as 'Young Oldies,' a mixture of '50s teenage rock'n'roll, '60s girl groups and bubblegum pop."

Hardly Art will release Too Young to be in Love on March 29.

Too Young To Be In Love:

1. "Lovers Lane"
2. "He's Coming Back"
3. "Keep Away From Johnny"
4. "The Curse of Being Young"
5. "Too Young To Be In Love"
6. "If You're Not Here (I Don't Know Where You Are)"
7. "Bad Boy"
8. "Tonite Tonite"
9. "Can We Get Together?"
10. "Blow Me Away"