Hunx & His Punx "Street Punk Trilogy" (video)

Hunx & His Punx 'Street Punk Trilogy' (video)
Why premiere a video when you can premiere three? That's Hunx & His Punx's rationale behind lumping a trio of new tunes from their upcoming Street Punk into a multi-chaptered visual extravaganza. It helps that, combined, all three songs clock in at just over two minutes long.

As presented on "Masturbates Theater," the trashy old-school hardcore cuts have the Punx poppin' pimples ("Bad Skin"), smashing TVs and fucking shit up on the street ("Everyone's a Pussy [Fuck You, Dude]"), and, anticlimactically, miming a performance in their jam space ("Don't Call Me Fabulous").

You can check out the anarchic acne-prone outfit cranking out the cuts down below.

As previously reported, Street Punk, apparently full of the "most hateful punk songs heard in eons," hits stores July 23 through Hardly Art.