Hunx Drops Punx for Solo Effort 'Hairdresser Blues'

Hunx Drops Punx for Solo Effort 'Hairdresser Blues'
Earlier this year, Hunx & His Punx delivered the '50s pop rock explosion Too Young to Be in Love, but leader Hunx (aka Seth Bogart) has displaced his beloved backing band temporarily to focus on a new solo album called Hairdresser Blues.

The album, which drops February 28 on Hardly Art, is clearly a nod to Bogart's role as the owner of Oakland hair salon/vintage store Down at Lulu's, which he cops to in a press release.

"Somebody once described my music as 'hairdresser pop,'" he said. "I don't know what that sounds like. I do know that it seems appropriate in describing the sound of this record."

Bogart recorded the bulk of the record himself in a New York studio last summer, but drums were tackled by boyfriend/Nü Sensae drummer Daniel Pitout. Shortly before he laid the songs to tape, Hunx explained to Exclaim! that he had scrapped plans to handle percussion himself, and gladly handed the reins over to Pitout.

"He's [Pitout] the best drummer. I kind of recorded it, but I realized I did it too fast," Bogart said before describing the difference between his solo stuff and a regular Punx outing. "It's punk, but it doesn't have an oldies vibe to it. It's more of a pop record."

Despite denying the retro-roots of his Punx project, album cut "Always Forever," which you can download here, still shows off the bubblegummy garage swagger Bogart's known for.

A full tracklisting for Hairdresser Blues has not yet been revealed.

UPDATE: Pre-orders for the set are being taken now over here, and those who act quick can nab themselves a limited-edition, Hunx-themed comb. Also, the tracklist is below.

Hairdresser Blues:

1. "Your Love is Here to Stay"
2. "Private Room"
3. "Let Me In"
4. "Always Forever"
5. "Hairdresser Blues"
6. "Do You Remember Being a Roller?"
7. "I'm Not the One You Were Looking For"
8. "Set Them Free"
9. "Say Goodbye Before You Leave"
10. "When You're Gone"