How to Dress Well Details 'Total Loss'

How to Dress Well Details 'Total Loss'
Indie R&B singer How to Dress Well (aka Tom Krell) has been dropping news of his upcoming Total Loss piece by piece the last little bit, from announcing his new Babe Rainbow-toting backup band to premiering the slow jam "Ocean Floor for Everything." New details have surfaced for the set, though, confirming a tracklist and a September 18 release date. Also, that's its cover art, a reasonably hilarious, discarded ceramic bust of Krell's face, up above.

A press release from label Acephale explains that the 11-song album was written and recorded by Krell in Brooklyn, Chicago, Nashville and London over a 15-month period that had the singer-songwriter experiencing a heavy heart. As lovelorn Krell explained in a statement, he was "very unhappy and confused," while composing Total Loss.

"I found myself feeling stranded, alone and depraved, and generally run the fuck down...while writing these songs I was trying to learn to lose in a meaningful way and to sustain loss as a source of creative energy," he said.

Co-produced by Krell and Rodaidh McDonald (the XX, King Krule), the album apparently builds upon the foundation of How to Dress Well's debut Love Remains, while synthesizing more influences and a higher fidelity into the mix. The press release points to Janet Jackson's Velvet Rope, "the elegant weeping arcos and pizzicatos of neo-classical music," and "the rude drums of trap-rap" as touchstones for the collection.

On top of the previously premiered "Ocean Floor for Everything," highlights are said to include the symphony string-assisted "World I Need You, Won't Be Without You (Proem)," and the "fractured hip-hop beats" of "How Many?" You can check the tracklist down below.

Total Loss:

1. When I Was In Trouble
2. Cold Nites
3. Say My Name or Say Whatever
4. Running Back
5. & It Was U
6. World I Need You, Won't Be Without You (Proem)
7. Struggle
8. How Many?
9. Talking To You
10. Set It Right
11. Ocean Floor For Everything