How to Destroy Angels Offer Fans Two Songs to Remix

How to Destroy Angels Offer Fans Two Songs to Remix
Now that Trent Reznor's latest project, How to Destroy Angels, is all over the Internet, it's cool to note that the band are offering the opening and closing songs from their debut release to anyone who wants to try their hand at remixing them.

Yes, Reznor and his new group are offering public downloads of two songs from their debut EP, due out this summer. All fans have to do is login and register, and then the free files can be manipulated in any audio computer program. For more info on the remix-able tracks, check out the How to Destroy Angels Facebook page.

As we recently told you, a song called "A Drowning" had been made available to the public before it was confirmed who was in the band. It was later revealed that the track was indeed the handiwork of Mr. NIN, along with his wife, Mariqueen Maandig, and former collaborator Atticus Ross.

Another song, "The Space in Between," and its accompanying video, has since been posted on YouTube.

Thanks to TwentFourBit for the heads-up.