How to Destroy Angels "Keep It Together" (Dave Sitek remix)

How to Destroy Angels 'Keep It Together' (Dave Sitek remix)
Dave Sitek recently recruited Trent Reznor to help him launch his new label, Federal Prism, with a remix for Telepathe. Now, Sitek is returning the favour by remixing a song by the NIN guru's How to Destroy Angels project.

This hissy, low-key reworking of "Keep It Together" isn't a huge departure from the haunting original, but Sitek's beat is a little more anxious than the off-kilter swing than the album version. The remix gets a little weirder and more abrasive in the final minute.

The original version of this track will appear on How to Destroy Angels' upcoming An Omen EP, due out November 13 on Columbia.