HotKid Unveil EP Series, New Album Plans

HotKid Unveil EP Series, New Album Plans
Toronto pop rock duo HotKid have been steadily pumping out material since the middle of the last decade, but the group's output is about to go into overdrive with news that they will be issuing a series of EPs over the next couple of months.

Today (April 27) marks the due date of the first release in the series, Courage to Fight, a four-song affair produced by Juno Award-winning producer Adam King (the Good Lovelies, Jill Barber, Justin Nozuka).

Below, you can stream the whole thing, described in a press release as "a mature step forward" for band members Shiloh Harrison and Rob Butcher III. A video for the hypnotic, dance rock-driven title track is also expected to arrive shortly.

Details have yet to be delivered for the impending EPs, but the project will culminate in a full-length LP to be released this fall.

Courage to Fight:

1. Blind to It
2. One More (C'mon C'mon)
3. Courage to Fight
4. Begin Again