Hot & Cold Prep 'Border Area' LP

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jul 6, 2012

Joshua and Simon Frank hail from Canada but grew up in Beijing, and now their transnational band Hot & Cold are preparing to release a debut album that promises to be just as sonically exploratory as the brothers themselves. Entitled Border Area, it will be out July 17 through Moniker Records.

A press release notes that the album is a signpost that marks the "intersection between restless psychedelia and steady drum machine beats." Featuring avant sound that has been shaped into structured tracks, Border Area is said to channel the minimal experimentation of Krautrock, while throwing in a chunk of other influences for good measure.

In other words, you can expect to hear faint traces of pop and rock delivered with "relentless beats, looping, driving bass, and blown-out keys" that completely subvert expectations.

While this is technically the brothers' proper debut album, it's far from the first music they've released since forming in 2006. Go to their Bandcamp page to listen to an array of prior releases. Stream the cassette EP Conclusion/Introduction below, all six songs of which are on Border Area.

Border Area:

1. Out of the Grey
2. No Dreams Tonight
3. Vanish
4. Model Farm
5. Uighur Pop
6. Sister Told Me
7. Test Tower
8. Someone's Following Me
9. In Paradise
10. Red Leather Set
11. Sweet Fatigue
12. Conclusion-Introduction

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