Hooded Fang "A Final Hello"

Hooded Fang 'A Final Hello'
Toronto's Hooded Fang have uncovered another preview of their forthcoming Venus on Edge LP, this time via the beautifully twitchy, distorto-pop pound of "A Final Hello." Though the album sees release May 13 through the band's own Daps Records, you can welcome the new single into your ears right now.

The track begins with a swell of squiggled melody, here supported by a steadfast, distorted strum of bass. The full band bash into the track not soon after, with android-cool vocals slipping into the song's machinery as it chugs along.

The song is being presented in a new music video, which flashes various geometric shapes, neon blurs, possibly a cantaloupe, and assorted Photoshop clip jobs across the screen. You'll find it streaming below.