Holy Hail "Born of a Star”

Holy Hail 'Born of a Star”
In the UK they’d be improperly lumped into the "new rave” melting pot (electro + indie x disco ÷ fashionable kids = new rave), but thankfully New York City’s Holy Hail are working their own prerogative and moving in a trajectory they seem in full control of. They’ve played shows with all the right bands (the Rapture, Art Brut, Van She) and at the right parties (Trash, Queens of Noize, Modular), and name drop influences that not only make sense, but show there could be more than just another few great dance floor-minded singles in the works. This debut single for indie label Adventures Close to Home announces HH as a layered force that meshes everything fittingly all at once: a menacing bass line, a contrast of delicious synths, a simple but highly effective beat, and of course, a feminine voice that can wander between sweetness and assertion at the change of key. Once they find the right label to swallow them up and spread their faces everywhere, they’ll be all set to capitalise on a sound and style that’s more dominant than ever before.
Holy Hail " Born of a Star"