The Holy Gasp "Bedbugs" / "Stomp Out the Man"

The Holy Gasp 'Bedbugs' / 'Stomp Out the Man'
Toronto's the Holy Gasp used to be a percussive duo, but now they've unveiled their first studio recordings since expanding to a five-piece. The two-song Bedbugs mini-release is available to stream now on

Both "Bedbugs" and "Stomp Out the Man" mix densely pounding rhythms with yelped vocals. The percussion is overlaid with fluttering woodwinds and spiky guitars, making for a very quirky style that belongs to a genre of its own; the band describe themselves as a "damn-the-Man beatnik-revival conga revolution."

The songs were captured in a day by Josh Korody at Candle Recording, and you can check them both out now below.

The Holy Gasp will play the Trinity Lounge in Sarnia on April 4 and at the Smiling Buddha in Toronto on April 9.