Holy Data "Hello Loneliness" (video)

Holy Data 'Hello Loneliness' (video)
Holy Data released their self-titled LP earlier this year, and now the Montreal-based band have unveiled some visuals for album cut "Hello Loneliness."
The album's pervasive theme of technology-related anxiety translates into the new clip, which mashes up Google Street View with ridiculous Snapchat filters — including the ever-disturbing face swap function.
The idea for the clip came from band member Alex Cooper, after a shortlived obsession with Snapchat, and it was filmed between rehearsals by the group's synth player Alexis Dionne.
"I had written the song 'Hello Loneliness' after finally getting a smart phone and realized how I was increasingly spending those last moments before sleep looking at the screen," Cooper tells Exclaim! "It's a very lonely affair scrolling through the web at midnight. It gets you thinking about things that just aren't healthy. Paranoiac, self-doubting thoughts would creep into my dreams and seep into my way of thinking the day after. This video is a silly way of puking out those kinds of ideas and those kinds of thoughts. An exorcism of sorts. Video vomit?"
Scroll past Holy Data's upcoming tour dates and hit play to check out the end result (including cameo appearances from each of the bandmates' houses) in the video for "Hello Loneliness" below.
Tour dates:
09/13 Montreal, QC - Petit Campus (Pop Montreal)
09/15 Montreal, QC - Sunset Apocalypse Anti-Prison Rooftop Show (Pop Montreal)
09/22 St. Casimir, QC - La Taverne
09/29 Montreal, QC - Casa del Popolo