The Hives Apologize After Dedicating a Song "About Stuff Blowing Up" to Boston

The Hives Apologize After Dedicating a Song 'About Stuff Blowing Up' to Boston
Swedish band the Hives have been touring as Pink's opening act, but evidently the garage-rock revivalists haven't endeared themselves to all of her fans. The band have issued an apology following some inadvertently tactless stage banter from singer Pelle Almqvist.

Last night (December 5) at Boston's TD Garden, Almqvist introduced one of the group's back catalogue singles by saying, "This song's for everyone in Boston. It's about stuff blowing up. It's called 'Tick Tick Boom,'" CBS Boston reports [via Stereogum].

This didn't sit well with the audience, many of whom considered the explosion-related comment tasteless in light of the Boston Marathon bombing this past spring. Predictably, there was a significant backlash on Twitter.

Almqvist quickly issued an apology on Facebook today, writing, "About last night: I wanted to dedicate a song to the Boston crowd because they had been so great throughout the show, and unfortunately Tick Tick Boom was the next song in the set. The tragic Boston Marathon bombing never once crossed my mind while on stage, and of course it should have. My most sincere apologies to the people of Boston for this unintentional but serious mistake."