Hiss Tracts Detail Constellation Debut 'Shortwave Nights,' Premiere New Track

Hiss Tracts Detail Constellation Debut 'Shortwave Nights,' Premiere New Track
Following last week's announcement that Godspeed You! Black Emperor's David Bryant and Growing/Total Life member Kevin Doria were teaming up for a debut release as Hiss Tracts, the duo have now given up the details regarding their first release. Dubbed Shortwave Nights, the album arrives May 13 via Constellation Records.

As previously reported, the project took shape a few years ago, with the duo working on their project off and on as far back as 2008. Previously described as "nebulous and disorienting," a press release now explains that Bryant and Doria have composed their soundscapes utilizing guitars, as well as "a wide range of additional analog sources and signals." This includes mellotron, piano, tape machines, bowls and various field recordings. Absent, however, are beats and loops, with the results supposedly landing the album's sound closer to "post-industrial" than ambient or drone.

While Bryant and Doria are the primary soundscapers on the set, the record also features Kristina Koropecki on cello, Will Eizlini on triangle and Brooke Dane Crouser on guitar and dictaphone, and finds Jonathan Parant contributing "digital wrangling."

We'd previously heard teaser track "halo getters," and now the pair have offered up another sneak preview from the set: "for the transient projectionist." The composition starts with a sparse series of clanging chimes, but eventually unfolds into a sonic tapestry of hypnotically six-string textures and obfuscated dialogue snippets. You can check out the head-trip beneath Shortwave Nights' track listing.

Shortwave Nights:

1. ...shortwave nights
2. half-speed addict starts with broken wollensak
3. slowed rugs
4. drake motel / "9 gold cadillacs"
5. windpipe gtrs.
6. halo getters
7. for the transient projectionist
8. ahhh-weee dictaphone
9. test recording at trembling city
10. beijing bullhorn / dopplered light