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BY Sarah MurphyPublished Sep 8, 2016

Jonathan Clancy's latest musical outfit His Clancyness splits their time between Bologna, Italy and Canada's capital city, but the band will be spending a bit of time on Canuck soil later this month. Before the handful of upcoming live shows, though, Exclaim! is giving you an exclusive listen to a new track titled "Uranium."
The song is slated to appear on the group's upcoming album, Isolation Culture, and it captures the bands desire to keep things totally DIY.
"'Uranium' was a game changer for us, it's one of those songs that showed us that we could do things totally on our own," Clancy tells Exclaim! "It was recorded at home, layering Juno 106 synths on a cheap drum machine, vocals were done first take through this old Sony mic that we sometimes go to, for some reason it has this shiny alien un-human quality to it and as soon as we heard the effect the word 'Uranium' popped up in my head."
"I just see colours for songs, and this was a silver song, that had to set the tone for the rest of the LP, a song about alien remote isolation," he continued. "We wanted to create parts that would sort of leave a dizzy feeling, disorientating feeling."
Adding to the ascending guitar line, live drums and "Blade Runner synth" were added to the track at Geoff Barrow's Invada studio in Bristol, UK. There might not be any bass, but there's plenty of other sound play to keep your ears entertained on "Uranium." Scroll past His Clancyness' live shows to give it a listen in the player below.

Isolation Culture is out October 14 through Hand Drawn Dracula.

Tour dates:

09/22 Montreal, QC - Club Lambi
09/23 Ottawa, ON - Pressed
09/25 Toronto, ON - Double Double Land

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