Hey Mother Death "The Hills" (video)

Hey Mother Death 'The Hills' (video)
Following a self-titled debut EP in 2012, bilingual Haligonian/Parisian experimentalists Hey Mother Death recently issued their first full-length with Highway. Now, they've given "The Hills" its own music video.

Directed by Harald Hutter, it was shot on Super VHS-C, and this vintage format adds the cryptic strangeness of the minimal, primarily Francophone spoken word track. In the clip, we see eerie shots of vocalist Laurence Strelka exploring a house that initially appears to be empty. It's a sunny day with beautiful oceanic views, but this is nevertheless and eerie affair. Eventually, Hey Mother Death meet up on the beach.

Watch it below.

The Highway LP is available exclusively from the band's website as a pay-what-you-like offering, with 50 percent of the proceeds for the digital version of 'The Hills' going to Amnesty International.