Hello Moth and Yolanda Sargeant Join Forces for "Hold Me Up"

The Calgary-based pair extol the power of teamwork in their new song and accompany video

BY Matt BobkinPublished Nov 1, 2020

In these isolated times, it's never been more crucial to reach out to a friend when you're in need. With that in mind, pop producer Hello Moth and vocalist Yolanda Sargeant (of Sargeant & Comrade) have just released new single "Hold Me Up" and an accompanying video.

The slinky, mid-tempo merges Hello Moth's kaleidoscopic pop production — as heard on new album When the Sky Melted —  with Sargeant's R&B vocal stylings for an ultra-relevant slice of alt-pop. "Hold Me Up" practices what it preaches, with the two Calgarians working together to push each other to new heights.

"We wrote 'Hold Me Up' back in 2016, but once 2020 got into full swing we decided it was time to release it," says Hello Moth to Exclaim! "There's this metaphor of transparency in the song: 'If you hold me up, you'll see through me.' It's like when you hold a piece of paper up to a light to reveal a hidden message. In that way, the song is about learning to understand each other. It's also about holding people up instead of tearing them down."

Adds Sargeant, "The basis of the song is illuminating others to reach their higher selves. I believe if we hold people up, we could see them for who they really are."

The tune has also been treated to a video, directed by filmmaker Samantha Ferrari. The clip finds Hello Moth and Sargeant traversing the Alberta badlands with a crew of wanderers, as they lean on each other for support through the desolate landscape. 

Says Ferrari, "The concept behind the music video for 'Hold Me Up' is a visual metaphor for the message behind the song. We shot the video in the Alberta badlands because the landscape is so harshly alien and otherworldly. Hello Moth and Yolanda appear as these celestial beings leading the desert-dwellers forward through the landscape. They begin weighed down by the struggle but ultimately find strength in one another."

Watch the video below. "Hold Me Up" is also available to stream.

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