Heardle Is Shutting Down

The move comes less than a year after Spotify bought the game

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Apr 14, 2023

Though it may feel like ages ago, it's only been a little over a year since the Wordle craze took the internet by storm. Now, Heardle — one of the most prominent spinoffs of the guessing game — is getting the axe.

The game, which prompted users to guess the song of the day by listening to short snippets, launched in February 2022 and was purchased by Spotify that July. The streaming giant started sending users notifications this week stating that Heardle will be no more as of May 5.

"After careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to say goodbye to Heardle as we focus our efforts on other features for music discovery," a Spotify spokesperson announced earlier today [via Billboard]. 

While Spotify continues to hemmorage money on discovery tools that will likely shut down, it was reported last month that the streamer had only spent 10 percent of its $100 million diversity initiative.

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