Head to the Theatre with Date Night, The Misfortunates and The Wild Hunt in This Week's Film Round-Up

Head to the Theatre with <i>Date Night</i>, <i>The Misfortunates</i> and <i>The Wild Hunt</i> in This Week's Film Round-Up
With the weekend in full swing you're probably thinking that taking in a new movie might be a good way to spice things up. Head on over to the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed motion section to get the latest info on what's new in theatres.

Shaun Levy's Date Night, starring funny duo Tina Fey and Steve Carell, comes out this weekend. The comedy follows a married couple stuck in the mundane routine of domestic existence. During one of their weekly date nights, they find themselves victims of mistaken identity and become the centre of a more rousing evening.

Also out this weekend is The Misfortunates, which follows the hard life of Gunther who lives with his drunken father and finds he is going to be a father himself.

The Eclipse, a psychological thriller directed by Conor McPherson, finds Ciarán Hinds playing a grieving widower, who, after befriending a supernatural novelist, begins to see the ghost of his father-in-law.

 Also, check out our review of Canadian flick The Wild Hunt by Montreal director Alexandre Franchi, as well as Captain Abu Raed and A Shine of Rainbows.

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