Harmonia Remixes by Appleblim and Shackleton Get Set for Release

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Sep 9, 2009

As we've mentioned, Harmonia are readying their troubled and somewhat lost Tracks and Traces LP, which the Krautrock supergroup recorded with Brian Eno back in '76. When we first got the news, there was brief mention of a remix companion that would go along with the reissue, and we're now happy to say that's indeed the case.

On November 9 in the UK, the newly launched Amazing Sounds imprint will release a twelve-inch featuring one rework from Shackleton and another by Appleblim (both of Skull Disco fame) and Komonazmuk. Apparently, instead of just been given one Tracks and Traces song each, the remixers were given free access to the entire album and, according to the label, came out with remixes that are "epic affairs that see woozy synth lines marshalled by crisp, driving percussion - easing the retro futurism of Harmonia & Eno's compositions onto a tripped-out 21st century dancefloor."

When Exclaim! recently asked Harmonia/Neu! member Michael Rother about the remixes, he simply told us: "To be honest, I can only say I rather liked the remixes, though some were rather far away from the original. But they must be good, otherwise they wouldn't be on the vinyl because we have to give our consent for that material."

Rother went on to say that one or two more remix twelve-inches would likely come out in the near future, but did not reveal which other artists may be onboard.

As for the actual Tracks and Traces album, you can expect that on October 6 in North American through Grönland Records/High Wire Music.

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