Hard Drugs Announce 'Party Foreverer' Album/Art Book

Hard Drugs Announce 'Party Foreverer' Album/Art Book
Rootsy Vancouver rock outfit Hard Drugs last released one side of a split seven-inch with fellow West Coast group Lighting Dust, but the act will soon deliver a grander package in the form of an LP/art project called Party Foreverer. According to a press release from Storyboard Label, the album arrives as a ten-song download packaged within a 52-page book of illustrations on June 19.

Marking the proper follow-up to the band's 2008 self-titled debut, Party Foreverer finds band leader Jeffry Lee offering "a personal account of moving to the city that never sleeps and then wanting to get the %[email protected]! out." The song cycle took shape after Lee's wife and band collaborator Jenni Lee Nelson moved to New York City for a job, leading the guitarist/singer to write songs about missing his wife, moving to be with her and quickly wanting to vanish from the metropolis.

While Hard Drugs featured a cast of fellow Vancouverites backing the duo, Party Foreverer had them collaborate with a group of Big Apple players, dubbed "the New York Chapter," on the recordings, which were helmed by producer Michael Tudor (Asobi Seksu, Rufus Wainwright). You can sample the crew's alternately countrified and psychedelic new number "Hardest Part II" in the stream down below.

As for the visual arts component of the project, the collection comes packaged like a seven-inch record and will feature a number of ink drawings done by Lee. That's the cover artwork up above.

Party Foreverer:

1. Hit The Ground Runnin'

2. Hardest Part II

3. I'm So Horny I Feel Weak

4. Easy St.

5. I Wanna Move To The Country

6. She's Hot But I'm Married

7. The Dark Ain't What It Used to Be

8. Red Lips

9. Love Won't Tear Us Apart

10. 1500 Miles