Hannah Georgas Sets to Work on New Album

Hannah Georgas Sets to Work on New Album
While Hannah Georgas landed on our cover last year for her excellent debut full-length This Is Good, we haven't really heard much from the West Coast popster since she announced a string of shows last fall. It turns out there's a good reason for that: she's been sculpting her sophomore album.

Speaking with Vancouver's Georgia Straight, Georgas admitted that she's hard at work on her next as-yet-untitled album in Toronto, with Holy Fuck member Graham Walsh manning the soundboard as producer.

"I'm here for two months," Georgas said, explaining that she's subletting a room in Hogtown's Parkdale area. "We're going to be doing a lot of work at the apartment, and then starting beds in this barn outside of Toronto."

While not much is known about the project at present, Georgas did say that her second album will find her experimenting beyond her debut's peppy pop tunes. "There's going to be elements of electronica," she revealed, "but it's not going to stray far from the vein of what I do."

The singer-songwriter expects to wrap up recording sessions in November, with plans to shop the finished product around to labels for a release sometime in 2012.