Hangedup and Tony Conrad "Principles"

Hangedup and Tony Conrad 'Principles'
Brought together by a chance meeting at a Belgian music festival, the sonic union between experimental veteran Tony Conrad and Montreal-based post-punk duo Hangedup may seem strange at first glance. However, their collaboration was a productive one, and saw the trio performing and recording together frequently in the early 2000s.

The results included a series of compositions that, until recently, went unreleased. The final product, entitled Transit of Venus, is now heading our way soon, and we can get a taste via a new album track available online.

You can download and/or stream "Principles," one of the buzzing, rhythmic drone rock offerings from Transit of Venus, below.

As previously reported, the album comes as part of Constellation Records' upcoming Musique Fragile Volume 02, which is due out June 26.