Hamilton's Raquel Kiaraa Premieres Venomous Video for "Love Got Me Sick"

It's the latest single from the artist's debut album 'Defying Odds'

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Oct 7, 2021

Multi-talented Hamilton-based singer-songwriter, actress and coach Raquel Kiaraa has shared a new music video for "Love Got Me Sick," revealing an additional aptitude for snake charming.

Going full Britney Spears-"Toxic," Kiaraa fearlessly performs accompanied by some slithery pals in the clip.

"The idea of the snake imagery came from the meaning behind snakes appearing in your life or your bed: to see snakes in your bed indicates that your unconscious mind is worried about a relationship," the artist said of the inspiration behind the video.

"The scene in the cage was about being trapped in your mind, hearing all those little voices; the madness of love," she continued, explaining that she multiplies into two additional versions of herself to represent the competing voices of reason and chaos.

"I have loved so thoroughly I could no longer tell where I stopped and it began," Kiaraa added.

Kiaraa took up singing and playing the piano at age 32, writing her debut album Defying Odds while she simultaneously stepped into motherhood for the first time. Truly a force to be reckoned with, she's also an entrepreneur and business owner.

​A sensual, pulsing pop track, "Love Got Me Sick" follows previous singles "Dear Jesus," "We Know," "Love to the Moon" and "Release Me." It's an ode to the all-consuming nature of love — fits of passion that shed their skin in the raw power of Kiaraa's vocal delivery.

Watch the artist "take the devil and share this dance" in the video for "Love Got Me Sick" below.


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