HAIM Celebrate a Decade of 'Days Are Gone' with Reissue


Photo: Terrence O'Connor

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jul 12, 2023

We regret to inform the ex-Tumblr kids that they are getting old. This writer in particular was rudely reminded via her TikTok "for you" page that HAIM's debut Days Are Gone turns 10 in September, thanks to an ominous post from the sisters themselves.

UPDATE (7/12, 1:07 p.m. ET): HAIM have now officially announced the 10th anniversary reissue of their debut album, due September 29. It features eight outtakes: three bonus tracks, a demo version of "Go Slow" and four remixes. See the full tracklist below.

"This record was a labour of love, with songs we'd been writing since high school in our living room," the sisters shared in an Instagram caption, adding that they will likewise perform the album from front to back in their hometown of Los Angeles on July 19.

The band posted a video to their socials showcasing the three iconic lawn chairs. The band walk over and sit in them, wearing the same fits and doing the same pose from the album cover. "DAYS ARE BACK," the caption reads.

It's good to know the HAIM sisters aren't too busy making movies and hosting karaoke parties to focus on music. Their last album remains 2020's Women in Music Pt. III, though they lent their chops to the Barbie movie soundtrack more recently.

Don't wait forever — watch the teaser below. 

Days Are Gone (10th Anniversary Edition):

LP 1:

1. Falling
2. Forever
3. The Wire
4. If I Could Change Your Mind
5. Honey & I
6. Don't Save Me
7. Days Are Gone
8. My Song 5
9. Go Slow
10. Let Me Go
11. Running If You Call My Name

LP 2:

1. Better Off
2. Send Me Down
3. Edge
4. Go Slow (Demo)
5. Falling (Duke Dumont Remix)
6. Don't Save Me (Cyril Hahn Remix)
7. Forever (Giorgio Moroder Remix)
8. If I Could Change Your Mind (Cerrone Funk Remix)

Pre-order Days Are Gone (10th Anniversary Edition).

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