Hail the Sun "Dead Messages" on Exclaim! TV

Hail the Sun 'Dead Messages' on Exclaim! TV
The distinctive falsetto of Donovan Melero is a defining feature of Chico, CA quartet Hail the Sun; like other post-hardcore greats such as Circa Survive's Anthony Green, his transitions between gentle crooning and piercing notes evoke intense emotion on each track. Hail the Sun unveiled their second album, Wake, last year and recently wrapped up a North American tour, during which we caught up with the band.

They came to our backyard to perform for our cameras, accompanied by Blue Swan Records label mate Sergio Medina (the Stolas) filling in for Aric Garcia on rhythm guitar, where they delivered an acoustic rendition of the track "Dead Messages" from 2012's Elephantitis.

Melero's crooning is striking and sad, but when complemented by gentle picking, the melody is given an element of tranquility. The song continues to experiment with this mixture of unsettling lyrics, calming chords and vocals that transition between pained and peaceful, which forges conflicting feelings within the listener — but it's certainly captivating. Watch the clip below.

Filmed by Katherine Kwan and Kyle Laurin
Audio by Kyle Laurin
Edited by Katherine Kwan

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