Guilty Simpson and Madlib Unveil OJ Simpson's Release Details

Guilty Simpson and Madlib Unveil <i>OJ Simpson</i>'s Release Details
As we've mentioned in the past, hip-hop superproducer Madlib has teamed up with guttural street rapper Guilty Simpson for a new collaborative LP. The duo are working under the name OJ Simpson, and have finally announced all of the details for their debut collaboration.

The album will be self-titled (although we think it should be called If I Did It), and will be receive a physical release from Stones Throw this spring. As evidenced by the tracklisting below, the album will feature a staggering 24 tracks, including guest spots from Strong Arm Steady and Frank.

According to a press release, not all the tracks feature Guilty Simpson rapping, as some are just awesome Madlib interludes. "These are some 12 hard-hitting hip-hop tracks featuring Guilty's inimitable baritone, and an equal number of Madlib's signature album-as-soundtrack/radio/sideshow arrangements, where the beat & sequence is as important as the rap," the label says. "This, with a couple no-nonsense guest appearances, some cuts by J.Rocc, and a whole bunch of attitude, makes up one of our favourite projects in a while."

We're not going to lie, we can't wait to pick up our copies of this when it drops on vinyl on May 18. Fortunately, we can hear the album before then too. Stones Throw has just dropped the track "Cali Hills" as a free download here. Better yet, the whole album can be purchased digitally now here.

OJ Simpson:

1. "Prelude"
2. "Introduction"
3. "O.J. Simpson"
4. "Pimp Rap Interlude"
5. "New Heights"
6. "Karma of a Kingpin"
7. "Think Twice Interlude"
8. "Coroner's Music"
9. "A Friend's Help Interlude"
10. "Back On The Road Again"
11. "Gone Crazy Interlude"
12. "Hood Sentence"
13. "Preacher's Wife Interlude"
14. "Cali Hills"
15. "Something Bad (Intermission One)"
16. "Something Good (Intermission Two)"
17. "Scratch Warning" (featuring Frank)
18. "Hold Your Applause Interlude"
19. "Outside" (featuring Strong Arm Steady)
20. "Bow Wow Interlude"
21. "Mic Check 313"
22. "Trendsetters"
23. "100 Styles"
24. "Outro"