Greyscreen "SteelyDank" (Steely Dan remix)

Greyscreen 'SteelyDank' (Steely Dan remix)
Calgary's Greyscreen (a.k.a. Kevin Stebner) is best known for bursts of complex chiptunes, but he's taken things in a vibey new direction with a vapourwave remix of Steely Dan's classic "Dirty Work." 

Speaking to Exclaim!, Stebner explained what inspired the unique take on the classic soft-rock jam. Here's his statement:

Basically, I've been in love with this vaped Fleetwood Mac song for months, just vibing super hard on it, jamming it all the time. I ripped it and had in on my iPod, so amidst my regular plays of smoky folk rock and ripping posthardcore come a verbed out "I wanna be with you everywhere....." V sick.

Last week, a friend pointed me to the early webseries "Yacht Rock" which chronicles, in hilarious fashion, the exploits and stories behind much of our favourite smooth music. Michael McDonald being the de facto focus of the show. It has some good moments, I imagine the show was done by record collectors who know everything about everything, so that aspect definitely appeals.

Anyway, those two moments combined propelled me to do that to a Steely Dan favourite.

Listen to Greyscreen's "SteelyDank" below.