Gonjasufi Returns with 'Callus'

Gonjasufi Returns with 'Callus'
It's been years since we heard from Warp weirdo Gonjasufi, but that's about to change. Announcing his first new full-length since 2012's MU.ZZ.LE, Gonjasufi will return with a new album this summer.

The new record is called Callus and is due out on August 19 via Warp.

According to a press release, "Callus is undeniably the musician's most soul-baring and cathartic collection. It is about embracing hurt and anger to create something..."

Or as Gonjasufi explained in a statement, "That's the callus. How can you not be in pain? It ain't about getting past that shit. It's about growing into it. I peeled through all these layers to get to the core. I channelled all the misunderstanding and misery and torment — that's what it is, torment — into this."

The album was written and produced by Gonjasufi, but fittingly enough, the record features former Cure guitarist Pearl Thompson on several tracks.

For a taste of the new album, listen to "Manic Depressant" below, where you'll also find the record's tracklist. That's the record's bleak album cover above.


1. Your Maker
2. Maniac Depressant
3. Afrikan Spaceship
4. Carolyn Shadows
5. Ole Man Sufferah
6. Greasemonkey
7. The Kill
8. Prints Of Sin
9. Krishna Punk
10. Elephant Man
11. The Conspiracy
12. Poltergeist
13. Vinaigrette
14. Devils
15. Surfinfinity
16. When I Die
17. The Jinx
18. Shakin Parasites
19. Last Nightmare