Golden Retriever Announce Thrill Jockey Debut

Golden Retriever Announce Thrill Jockey Debut
Since 2008, Au and Parenthetical Girls members Jonathan Sielaff and Matt Carlson have been collaborating in the group Golden Retriever. Described simply as "live electronic music," they make pared-down recordings out of a modular synthesizer and bass clarinet -- two instruments that are limited to play one note at a time. Following several stand-up small-run releases, this summer they'll release their debut release for Thrill Jockey.

The album was recorded live, and then edited heavily by Carlson in his basement studio. Originally, each of the four songs came in around 25 to 30 minutes, but they were distilled into a shorter playtime.

A press release explains that "the process allowed Sielaff and Carlson to fit more ideas into the album, and taken as a whole, it is a more complete document of their stylistic variety than previous releases. While many of the compositional ideas behind the tracks are complicated, Occupied with the Unspoken excels in being an approachable listen."

Occupied with the Unspoken will be available on July 24 via Thrill Jockey. The full tracklisting is available below, with the rock-themed cover art above.

Occupied with the Unspoken:

1. Serene Velocity

2. Canopy

3. Eudaimonia

4. Winter Light