Gold Panda Lines Up DJ-Kicks Comp

Gold Panda Lines Up DJ-Kicks Comp
Fans of Gold Panda's Lucky Shiner LP are no doubt dying to hear more of the UK knob-twister's dreamy, oftentimes Eastern-influenced beats. Good news, then, as the Panda man has announced he's next up for his own DJ-Kicks compilation.

Gold Panda will be dropping a tailor-made set for the long-running series on November 1 in North America via !K7 (it's out a day earlier in the UK). It will feature one new original called "An Iceberg Hurtled Northward Through Clouds"; the single will be issued on a twelve-inch at some point.

On top of his own track, the beatsmith weaves in cuts from fellow electronic musicians Zomby, Matthewdavid Jan Jelinek and more. There's also the Jim O'Rourke-produced "The Turnover" on there from cult '90s weird-rock act Brainiac. You can check out the details below.

Gold Panda DJ-Kicks

1. Gold Panda "An Iceberg Hurtled Northward Through Clouds"

2. Melchior & Pronsato "Puerto Rican Girls"

3. Bok Bok "Charisma Theme"

4. Drexciya "Andreaen Sand Dunes"

5. Muslimgauze "Uzi Mahmood 8"

6. Pawel "Coke"

7. Ramadanman "Revenue (Untold Remix)"

8. SND "Palo Alto"

9. Zomby "Godzilla"

10. Closer Musik "Maria"

11. Gold Panda "Back Home"

12. Christopher Rau "Do Little"

13. Jan Jelinek "If's, And's and But's"

14. Nao Tokui "Monolith"

15. Sigha "Shake"

16. Opiate "Amstel"

17. 2562 "Dinosaur"

18. Matthewdavid "Like You Mean It"

19. Brainiac "The Turnover"

20. LV & Untold "Beacon"

21. Austictici "Headed Dust on a Sunlit Window"

22. Giuseppe Ielasi "2"