Glassio "If I Was Your Boy" (Blue Hawaii remix)

Glassio 'If I Was Your Boy' (Blue Hawaii remix)
New York-based electro-pop two-piece Glassio are gearing up to drop their debut EP Poptimism next week, but before the full set arrives, Exclaim! is giving you the exclusive first listen to a brand new remix of the band's latest single.

"If I Was Your Boy" is a high-gloss synth-pop party-starter, but it's been given a slightly less bubbly reworking courtesy of Blue Hawaii's Alex Cowan. The reimagined piece evokes a slightly more sinister vibe, stripping the original back a bit to emphasize a pattern of hollow, haunting echoes and faraway vocals.

"'If I Was Your Boy' is the kind of song that kickstarts the night," the duo tells Exclaim! "Whereas the remix places the song in a deep and dark after hours setting — a sound that embodies the headspace of a 28-year-old clubber, stumbling out of a warehouse at sunrise to the dismal nature of every day life."

Glassio's Poptimism arrives on February 16, but you can listen to Blue Hawaii's brand new take on their track in the player below. For reference, you'll find the original single version of "If I Was Your Boy" beneath that.