Glasser "Shape" (video)

Glasser 'Shape' (video)
It's been about three years since Glasser (a.k.a. L.A. electronic pop experimenter Cameron Mesirow) issued her Ring LP, but the artist has revealed a follow-up is on the way this October. Before all the details arrive, though, she's teasing the set with a wobbly confection called "Shape."

Down below, you'll find a chrome-filtered video scored by a panoply of intertwining vocal melodies, bass-driven beats and sly, skyward synth sounds. Mesirow, meanwhile, contemplates a mind-altering ocean scene ("the vastness is too much for me to stand").

While details for Glasser's new LP have yet to be revealed in full, she mentioned in a statement that she wrote the record over the last year and a half. During that time she "thought about architecture, a physical imposition in my life, and the fluid emotional boundaries of relationships, also sometimes imposed."