Girl Talk's Next Album To Have "Structure"

Girl Talk's Next Album To Have 'Structure'
While last year's epic Feed The Animals was just the poppy, tasteful choice Girl Talk (aka Greg Gillis) needed to make in order to properly follow-up his breakthrough Night Ripper, it seems as though his next album will further deviate from the A.D.D. complexity of his cut-and-paste style.

In an interview with Billboard, Gillis explained that he's very interested in applying traditional songwriting structures to his next album, saying, "I'm interested in working on individual songs - kind of in the style I've been doing but with actual repetition, as opposed to linear structure and stuff like that, some elements with a verse-and-chorus sort of structure, as opposed to going through 50 minutes of change-ups the entire time. I want to evolve and keep refining."

As for a timeframe for when the record will be released, Gillis is unsure but insists he's working all the time. "Every day I cut up music. I try not to be concerned with what will be on an album. I just try to come up with small ideas I introduce into the [live] set, and I'll eventually get to the point where I say, 'Okay, here's this slightly new sound. I feel like there's some evolution.' I'm interested in putting out music, and it's always nice to give people music."