Girl Talk Releases New Album Today!

Girl Talk Releases New Album Today!
Gregg Gillis has leaked released the fourth official Girl Talk album today (June 19). Titled Feed The Animals, the 14-track album was released exclusively through Girl Talk's label, Illegal Art, which is the only legit retailer for the album.

Via the Girl Talk MySpace page, Gillis made a statement regarding the release:

My fourth full-length album, Feed The Animals, is out today! You can download the digital version (320 Kpbs) for whatever price you want at: If you are reading this prior to 7:00 AM eastern USA time, then the page may not be ready. We're fine-tuning some last minute things. If you pay over $5, you get an added bonus of one big mp3 file with all of the tracks connected. If you pay over $10, then you are pre-ordering a physical copy of the CD, which will be out later. All of the tracks are streaming here, but the album is intended to be listened as one continuous track. This can be easily accomplished by getting the mp3s from Illegal Art, thanks for your support!

The CD he refers to as being "out later" has been given a September 23 release via Illegal Art, while the vinyl edition will see life through the Baltimore-based Wham City label.

In the meantime if you'd like to download the album, you can do so by clicking here, or just stream it by going to the Girl Talk MySpace page.

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Here's the tracklisting for Feed the Animals (which should really only be listened to as one 53 minute, 27 second song):

1 Play Your Part (Pt. 1)
2 Shut the Club Down
3 Still Here
4 What It's All About
5 Set It Off
6 No Pause
7 Like This
8 Give Me a Beat
9 Hands in the Air
10 In Step
11 Let Me See You
12 Here's the Thing
13 Don't Stop
14 Play Your Part (Pt. 2)