Girl Talk Orders Taco Bell For Concert Crowd

Girl Talk Orders Taco Bell For Concert Crowd
Girl Talk’s Gregg Gillis is a generous guy. Live, he’ll let you bum-rush the stage, get up close and personal, and even swap some sweat. Up until now, however, free grub has never been part of the Girl Talk experience, especially not free Taco Bell grub. This all changed last Friday, though, as Gillis unloaded nearly 400 pieces of wrapped Mexican eats on a hungry Pittsburgh audience.

During the hometown appearance, the mash-up maestro made a run for the border and cashed in $500 worth of winnings from the Taco Bell "Feed the Beat” contest, which he won last year alongside 49 other musical acts.

"I went to the Edgewood Town Center Taco Bell the week prior and explained what I wanted to do,” Gillis explained to Pitchfork. "The manager didn't believe me about the contest at first, but once I showed the actual Taco Bell Bucks, she was pumped on the idea. She even offered to drive all of the food in her pickup truck to the show. We pre-ordered 133 beef burritos, 133 bean burritos and 133 spicy chicken soft tacos."

On the night, Gillis then roped in some friends to distribute the goods outside the show. Unfortunately, though, Gillis said, "I actually forgot to put any off to side for myself, so I didn't get any Taco Bell that night."

As of yet, there has been no word on how the winnings have been spent by other "Feed the Beat” victors, which includes Enon and Blitzen Trapper. But who could turn down a free supply of Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes and Grilled Stuft Burritos? Well, actually Ted Leo and his Pharmacists, who are all vegan.