Girl Talk Featured in Playgirl, Tours Canada

Girl Talk Featured in <i>Playgirl</i>, Tours Canada
Mash-up music terrorist Girl Talk (aka Greg Gillis) has been keeping himself busy in many different ways, like being featured recently in the June "Men of the Year" issue of Playgirl. Though he wasn't the centerfold - alas, he was only wanted for an interview - Gillis does speak of his interests, which include "swimming, playing basketball, lighting off fireworks, snacking it out, and bro’n down.” You can read the article here.

Since the release of his widely acclaimed third album, Night Ripper, Girl Talk has become a phenomenon to the point where he's had to quit his job as a biomedical engineer to do the touring/remixing/mashing rock star thing full-time. "I couldn't keep up with both worlds,” he says in a press statement. "It was just too much. I keep getting sick because I'm in a constant state of running somewhere else. Music has always been my main interest, but I never really thought of it as a possible career. I think I'm extremely lucky to be in the position I am in now, where I can dedicate at least a year of my life to music and stay afloat.”

Gillis brings his Girl Talk show to Canada in September and October, playing dates at the Phoenix in Toronto on September 12, as well as West coast gigs at the Warehouse in Calgary (Ocober 11) and the Starlite Room in Edmonton (October 12).

Girl Talk "New Year's Eve 2007 in Chicago"