Geoff Rickly's Collect Records Parts Ways with AIDS Price-Gouger

Geoff Rickly's Collect Records Parts Ways with AIDS Price-Gouger
Earlier this week, music fans were shocked to learn that in addition to profiting off the suffering of others, notorious AIDS pill price-gouger Martin Shkreli was also an emo and pop punk fan. Stranger yet, he was using some of his millions to bankroll Geoff Rickly's independent label Collect Records. Now, Rickly has revealed that the two parties have parted ways.

Just yesterday (September 22), Rickly said that the future of Collect Records was uncertain due to this scandal. Now, as Pitchfork reports, he's released a statement clarifying that Shkreli is no longer involved with the label. Read his full statement below.

Today, Collect Records — with the support and encouragement of all of our artists — have agreed to fully sever our relationship with Martin Shkreli, effective immediately.

When I decided to get into business with Martin, we took him on as a patron. He was completely silent and allowed us to do business as we pleased. His only ask was that we sign bands that we believed could make great art given the right environment and not to focus on a profit, no matter how dire the bottom line.

Never in a million years did any of us expect to wake up to the news of the scandal that he is now involved in. It blindsided and upset us on every level. As such, we know it is impossible for us to continue having any ties with him. For my part, I've always strived to make Collect a place that was so liberal, encouraging, and artist-friendly that no one would ever walk away from us willingly, though to do so at any time would be very easy. To that end, I hope that our bands continue to believe in our guidance and passion. Any of them that have had an incurable crisis of confidence will be allowed to leave with nothing but the kind of encouragement that we've built our label on.

For all the kind words of encouragement that I've received over the past two days, I'm forever grateful.

From all here at Collect Records, thank you.

The Collect Records roster currently includes Black Clouds, Cities Aviv, Creepoid, Wax Idols, Sick Feeling and Nothing. Both Wax Idols and Nothing have been outspoken on social media about their distaste for Shkreli's business practices.