Generationals Unveil 'Alix,' Premiere New Track

Generationals Unveil 'Alix,' Premiere New Track
Having signed with Polyvinyl for last year's Heza, New Orleans duo Generationals are pressing ahead and releasing their second LP for the label. Alix will be out on September 16.

The album was helmed by Richard Swift (a touring member of the Shins and the Black Keys who has produced records for Tennis and Foxygen) at his National Freedom in Cottage Grove, OR. The band headed into the studio with a full album's worth of demos, and although they planned to scratch these initial recordings, the producer encouraged them to polish up the demos rather than start from scratch.

"I looked at the demos objectively and really just helped organize the sounds into something that was sonically cohesive," Swift said in a statement. "I knew they spent a lot of time on their own, on their headphones creating these beats and bells and whistles and felt no need to drastically change them."

Sonic touchstones include RZA, Janet Jackson and Prince, and a press releases describes the results like this: "Alix is everything Joyner and Widmer like about music — old and new, vinyl and YouTube, vocal chord and microKORG — gathered up from everywhere and arranged with great care into a good-smelling, subtly sexy, catchy-or-die mish-mosh of sensibilities and time-warp senselessness."

Scroll past the tracklist below to hear the poppy, hook-heavy electro-soul ditty "Gold Silver Diamond" below.


1. Black Lemon
2. Gold Silver Diamond
3. Reviver
4. It Took A Minute
5. Reading Signs
6. Charlemagne
7. Welcome To The Fire
8. Heart In Two
9. Now Look At Me
10. Would You Want Me