The Gay Nineties "Letterman" on Exclaim! TV

The Gay Nineties 'Letterman' on Exclaim! TV
When he's not moonlighting as the bassist for the Mounties, Parker Bossley fronts his own group, the Gay Nineties. During their recent stop in Toronto for NXNE, Exclaim! TV met up with the band to film an exclusive live session of their new single "Letterman."

The track starts with a bouncing drum beat that drives the song along before being joined by some subtle synths, bass and guitars that crescendo into a soaring chorus. An influence of times past is evident here, not of the roaring 1890s referenced in the band's name, but rather the 1960s, 1970s and everything else up until the present day of indie rock. In fact, Bossley's flashy shirt and bandana make him look even more retro.

The band doesn't have any upcoming tour dates, as Bossley will be busy with the Mounties over the next month. So take a time machine to the Gay Nineties via the Exclaim! TV session below.

Filmed by Katherine Kwan and Roberto Granados-Ocon
Audio by Nash Bussieries

Edited by Katherine Kwan