Gavin Russom Announces Debut Album from the Crystal Ark

Gavin Russom Announces Debut Album from the Crystal Ark
As a former touring member of LCD Soundsystem, Gavin Russom has had his hands in myriad projects, including Black Meteoric Star and his team-up with Delia Gonzalez. Next on his already large resume is a collaboration with Viva Ruiz called the Crystal Ark.

The duo joined forces when Russom approached Ruiz to sing Spanish lyrics over some instrumentals. From there, they contributed a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" to the Just Tell Me That You Want Me tribute album, as well as put out a series of 12-inches via DFA Records.

Now, they've prepared their self-titled debut. The eight-track release will be available October 30 on DFA, and apparently the album is geared to resemble the Crystal Ark live show, which features a percussionist, two bassists, two new vocalists and an "electronics expert."

To get an idea of what to expect, watch a live performance of album track "We Came To" below.

Crystal Ark:

1. Ascension
2. We Came To
3. Morir Soñando
4. Crossing
5. Paradise
6. Rhodes
7. Rain
8. Silver Cord