Gary Numan Details 'Dead Son Rising'

Gary Numan Details 'Dead Son Rising'
Gary Numan's Dead Son Rising was initially pegged for a September 5 release, but it looks as if fans of the synth pop legend are going to have to wait a little longer before sinking their teeth into his first album in five years. A newly issued press release reports that the self-released collection is now due out on October 24, and we have some more concrete details to tide us over until then.

The 11-track album will be self-released through Numan's website. It was co-written and co-produced by Ade Fenton, who previously worked with Numan on 2006's Jagged.

The project was initially based on demos Numan had written for other projects, but he explained in a statement, "The original ideas behind these songs are now barely visible. In the last nine months, the album has grown into another animal, something more experimental and fluid. It's ended up being something I'm really very proud of."

The tracks "We Are Lost" and "Dead Sun Rising" reportedly contain elements of a sci-fi story that Numan has been writing. Elsewhere, "Resurrection" and "Into Battle" are film score-inspired instrumentals. Listen to the song "The Fall" at the bottom of this page.

Check out the tracklist below and the album cover above.

In addition to touring the UK in support of Dead Son Rising (see the schedule here), Numan is in the process of wrapping up another new album, Splinter, due out in 2012.

Dead Son Rising:

1. "Resurrection"
2. "Big Noise Transmission"
3. "Dead Sun Rising"
4. "When the Sky Bleeds, He Will Come"
5. "For the Rest of My Life"
6. "Not the Love We Dream Of"
7. "The Fall"
8. "We Are the Lost"
9. "For The Rest of My Life (Reprise)"
10. "Into Battle"
11. "Not the Love We Dream Of (Piano version)"