Gang Gang Dance Break Silence with New Latitudes EP

Gang Gang Dance Break Silence with New <i>Latitudes</i> EP
Combining dubstep, hip-hop, tribalism and dreamy pop, Gang Gang Dance are one of the most relevant and forward-thinking bands around. They've even got their own contemporary imitators. That's why it's so critical that they break the two-year silence since Saint Dymphnia with some new material. Fortunately, they'll do just that when they release a new EP later this summer.

The EP is called Kamakaru, and will be released by Southern Records on August 2 in the UK as part of the imprint's long-running Latitudes series. The release is made up of one 15-minute track called "Amorphous History (Closing Seen)." It was recorded in 2007 at Southern Studios in London, UK.

According to the press release, "In many ways this recording, tracked prior to the release of the St. Dymphna album, bridges the gap between the rawer, almost cut-up approach to their earlier albums and their more polished and highly-evolved present sound." 

Kamakaru will be limited to 1,000 hand-numbered CDs and 1,000 vinyl records (300 white, 700 black). More information about the release can be found here.

Gang Gang Dance are said to be hard at work on a new album, due later this year. In January, it was announced that they had signed with 4AD and released the track "Slime City (Heaven)" on the label's Record Store Day sampler.

Thanks to Prefix for the heads-up.