Galaxius Mons "Outweigh the Pillared Masts" (ft. YouYourself&I & Anna Elbon)

Galaxius Mons 'Outweigh the Pillared Masts' (ft. YouYourself&I & Anna Elbon)
Montreal synth-pop act Galaxius Mons have a self-titled sophomore album coming out this year, and they're previewing what's in store by sharing the track "Outweigh the Pillared Masts."

The song features guest vocals from YouYourself&I and Anna Elbon. It sports bouncy beats and blippy synths that sound a bit as if they were culled from a classic videogame, and these are overlaid with tuneful pop vocals. Hear it below.

Stay tuned for more updates from Galaxius Mons. They've apparently rounded up a number of guest vocalists for the album, including Jef Barbara. Look for the collection to arrive this summer.