Future Islands "The Chase"

Future Islands 'The Chase'
Of all the exclusive releases coming out today (April 18) for Record Store Day, none are more exclusive than Future Islands' "The Chase," which the band recorded directly to vinyl at Abbey Road Studios and are releasing in an edition of one. And while the sole copy will be sold by Leamington Spa's Seismic Records, the rest of us can stream the track online.

The band shared this live-off-the-floor cut on Mary Anne Hobbs' BBC Radio 6 Music program. It's a fairly low-key number despite its sprightly beat, as the band settle into a hypnotic groove of slinky arpeggiators and frontman Samuel T. Herring asks, "Is it love / Or the love of the chase?"

Listen to the song here. The tune in question starts at the 2:19:48 mark.