Friends of Foes "Winter" (video)

Friends of Foes 'Winter' (video)
Y'know those stores that put up their Christmas decorations before Halloween? Saskatoon's Friends of Foes seem to have a similar policy: it's not even November yet, and they've just rolled out a video for their new track "Winter."

Despite the tune's seasonal implications, the video is a fairly sunny one. The climactic rock track functions as a soundtrack for a walk in the forest, as the band amble through the trees and put on the clothes that they find strewn around. The clip ends with a rather surreal confetti shower in the wilderness.

The video was directed by Morgan Carter, and you can watch it below.

This tune was recorded as a stop-gap track between albums. It was captured with Jordan Smith at Avenue Recording Company in Saskatoon prior to its closure earlier this year.