Fresh Snow "Blood in the Sun" (video)

Fresh Snow 'Blood in the Sun' (video)
Experimental Toronto psych rock outfit Fresh Snow have unveiled their new video for "Blood in the Sun," coming complete with some seriously eye-catching animation.

As previously reported, the song was released as a Scion Sessions 7-inch as part of the Field Trip Discovery Series, featuring Programm's "Like the Sun" on the flip side.

Fresh Snow teamed up with Scion Sessions once again for the new animated clip, which was created and animated by Nick Sewell and Hector Herrera. The intricately designed video depicts a couple of young lovers on the run from a menacing sun. Despite the terrifying chase, things take an all right turn by the end of the clip.

In a statement, Fresh Snow guitarist Brad Davis described the concept behind the video like this: "Life is a brief and beautiful thing that can sometimes appear to be ugly and horrible. To me this video is about trying to preserve and protect that beauty. It isn't easy and it is always filled with obstacles, but if you stick around the sun will find you." 

See for yourself below.